Having the ability to tailor your matching process to best fit your program is important, and that is why we developed the ability to facilitate Reverse Mentorship matches in Evergreen programs. Reverse mentorship matching is when mentors have the ability to request a mentee to match, as opposed to only mentees having the ability to request a mentor.

If you're interested in enabling this functionality, you have the opportunity to in a couple of places throughout the platform:

  1. During the program creation stage under Step 5: Matching Process
  2. In your Program Settings under Matching Process

Note: Reverse mentorship is available in both Cohort and Evergreen programs.

Registration & Matching Setup:

When you are going through the Registration & Matching Setup for your program, you will have the opportunity to select the matching process you would like to use. Depending on the type of program you have selected (i.e. Cohort or Evergreen), you will see a few different options. The key difference between the two is that Cohort programs will have the Admin-led process and cannot use Reverse mentorship, whereas Evergreen programs will not have the admin-led process and may enable reverse mentorship.

For my example, here in the Evergreen program that I created, you can see the options I have for my Matching Process:


I would like to run a User-led with approval program - this means that users can make matching requests and they must be approved by the person they request (note: admins can still create new matches at any time regardless of the matching process I choose). 

In order to enable reverse mentorship for this matching process, I need to check the Mentors can request mentees box, under Request Types:


  • Note: The ability for Mentees to select mentors is always enabled and preselected by default.

Once I have enabled this feature and turned on matching for my program, both Mentors and Mentees would be able to create requests to match with one another, facilitating reverse mentorship in your program.

Program Settings

If you have already launched your program and turned on matching but would like to enable this feature going forward, you can easily do so from your Program Settings page as well:



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