Often your users might have questions about your program that can only be best answered by yourself and your admin team. To better serve these types of questions, you can include a Support Contact for each of your programs.

Adding Support Contact(s) for your program will allow admins to receive any relevant questions/requests from your users. For example: "When does matching begin?"

You can add Support Contact(s) in two different places within your program:

1. Program Creation 

When you are beginning to create your program, you will be able to add a Support Contact on the second step, labelled Program Details:

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 3.33.29 PM.png

Here all you need to do is enter the email address(es) of the admin(s) that you wish to add and press the enter key:

Mar-07-2024 15-36-15.gif

2. Program Settings > General:

If you have already created your program or would prefer to quickly add a new support contact, you can do so following the same method as shown in the previous step:

Be sure to click the Save button once you have added a Support Contact here!

Mar-07-2024 15-38-59.gif


  • If your organization does not have any support contacts, your user's requests will be automatically sent to us here at support@togetherplatform.com.
  • If a user from your organization submits a request from a program with no support contacts, all support contacts for the organization, regardless of program, will be cc'd on the request.

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