As an admin, sometimes it can be helpful to help your users reset their passwords if they run into trouble remembering them or signing in. We've made this easier for admins by allowing you to send any of your users a password reset link to their email from the Users section in the platform.

Note: this feature is not available for organizations with SSO enabled.

Sending a Reset Link:

1. After signing in as an admin, head over to your Users table:


2. From the Users table, select the user you would like to send a password reset to, this will open up a view of their account:


3. Within this view, click on the 3 dots near the upper right corner of the page:


4. Select the Send password reset link button, this will send an email to the address on file for the user that they can use to reset their password from:


5. The user will receive an email that looks like this:

  • To reset their password, the user can click the Reset my password button within the email.
  • Note: password reset links will expire within 1 hour of being sent for security purposes. 



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