What is an "Active User"?

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How Do We Define an Active User?

  • A user is considered active in any month in which they are in at least one pairing

You can see your current active pairings from each of your program(s) home page:


  • Note that your current Active Pairings only represent the number of pairings currently active in the program. In my case, I have 2 active pairings here, which would make up 4 active users in total currently.
  • If a user becomes inactive throughout the middle of a billing period, they will still be considered active since they were in a pairing at one point during that period.
  • For a user to be considered no longer active, they (or your admin team) would need to end the pairings the user(s) are currently a part of. Once complete, that user will be considered inactive for the following billing period or until they enter into another pairing.

Accessing the Billing Portal:

As an admin, you can view your billing information at any time by clicking on the Billing Portal option under your profile picture at the upper right side of the page:



Your Billing Portal will show you a few key pieces of information, including:

  • Your current plan and when it renews
  • Your current payment method on file
  • Your billing & shipping information
  • Your invoice history


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