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As an admin, sometimes you may need to step in and end a user's pairing. If you ever need to end a pairing, you can easily do so from your Active Pairings table.

Accessing the Active Pairings Table:

First, sign in as an admin and select the program you wish to end the pairing in:


Once you select your program you will be taken to your Program Home Page. On this page, you can click the Active Pairings button in the middle of the page to access the table:


Ending a Pairing:

On the Active Pairings table, you will see all currently active pairings between your registered mentees, mentors, and peers. To toggle your view between mentor-mentee pairings, and peer-peer pairings, simply click on the respective pairing type above the table:


  • Note: Peer-peer pairings will only appear here if peer pairing is enabled for your program. For more information on peer-peer pairings, check out our article here!

Now in my case, I would like to end the pairing between Jai and Keagan. To do so, I must click on the Action button (3_dots_action_button__no_bg_.png) near the right side of the table and click Stop Pairing:


When you go to end the pairing, you will see a few options available to you:

  • Add a reason: here you can add a note for why you're ending this pairing. These reasons can only be seen by other program administrators
  • Do not pair these users again in the future: enabling this feature will disqualify the pairing, which will prevent these users from entering any pairings together in this program in the future. Note that disqualifications are program-specific, and users can still be paired together in other programs if a disqualification does not exist in the other program(s).
  • Notify mentee and mentor: if you leave this feature enabled, both the mentee and mentor in the pairing will receive an email notifying them that their pairing has ended. If you would rather the users not know, you can uncheck this box.


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