Before you launch your mentorship program, you will want to make sure that your organization has all of your integrations configured and ready for your users. An important first step in configuring these integrations is inviting the relevant IT contacts from your team. Once you have invited your IT team, they will be able to assist you with finalizing your integrations.

Accessing Your Integrations:

To invite an IT Admin, you first will want to head over to your integrations page. Accessing the integrations page is simple. From your admin home page, click on the Settings page, then click on the Integrations tab:


Inviting Your IT Admin(s):

From the integrations page, you can click the Invite IT Admins button:


You will be able to enter each of your IT Admin's email addresses within the window that opens. After you have finished typing each email, simply hit the Enter key to confirm it.

Once you have entered all of their emails, you may also write a short note informing them that you're inviting them as an IT Admin and for which integration you would like them to assist. When you've finished your note, be sure to click the Send button at the bottom of the window.


If you would like to review the template for the email your IT Admins will receive, you can click on the Your Personalized Email Invitation template: 


Once you have sent out the invitations, your IT Admins will be able to sign in and begin the Set Up for each of your integrations. 


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