Working with your organization's data is a critical aspect of understanding how your program is doing. Having the ability to customize what you need and how you would like to view it is something we think is important to admins regardless of where you might be throughout your mentorship program.

Now, you can easily customize your tables in Together to do just this! To get started on customizing, you will need to head to one of the tables throughout the app. We will run through a few examples of different tables below:

User Table:

Customizing your User Table is simple, first, click on the Users section to access the table:


To customize your table, you can click on the Columns button (columns_icon.png) near the top right of the table:


You will be shown a popup window where you can toggle on all of the different columns of data accessible to you as an admin. To toggle them on, simply click on the toggle button to the left of the column title:


Looking for a specific column of data? You can narrow down your available data with the Find Column search bar, simply start typing in the search bar and scroll through your available data to find what you're looking for:


Once you have selected all of the relevant columns of data you would like to view in your table, be sure to click the Save Settings button near the top of this window. Saving your settings will ensure that this view is saved for whenever you reference back to this table later:


After you have saved your table, you can see the data columns added to the end of the table:


Matching Table(s):

To access your Matching tables, you can click on either the Registered Users or Active Matches tile from your program home page:


Similar to your User Table, you can click on the Columns button (columns_icon.png) near the top right of the table:


You will see a similar popup window with each of the available data columns you can add to your table. The functionality works identically to the column window we discussed from your User Table:


Note: each table throughout Together will have different data column categories and options. Some columns will only be available on the User Table for example.

Monitor Health Table:

Another table you may customize is the Monitor Health table. To access this table, head over to the Monitor Health section in your program:


From Monitor Health, you can click on any of the tiles under your Matching Health Score view:


Similar to the past two examples, clicking on the Columns button (columns_icon.png) near the top right of the table will open up the Columns window for you to toggle on/off any different data columns. Be sure to save your view when you're done!


Exporting Your Table:

If you ever want to review or manipulate your data in another tool, such as Excel or Google Sheets. You can export the current view of your table easily by clicking the Export to CSV button (download_csv_icon.png): 

Note: all tables in Together support CSV exporting. The export will only contain data that matches the current view you see in-app.



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