Now that you have finished configuring your Profiles and Matchmaking, you can head back to your Registration page (registratio_human_icon_-_dark.png) and mark this step as done:

Reg Advanced.png

Advanced Matching:

The next step in the registration setup is to review your Advanced Matching settings. To begin, click on the Advanced Matching link from your Registration page (registratio_human_icon_-_dark.png):

Advanced M.png

Here you will be taken to your Advanced Matching page, where you will see three different settings you can configure:

  • Matching Priorities
  • Timezone Differences
  • Reporting Lines

Advanced M2.png

Matching Priorities:

Clicking into the Matching Priorities bar will display two different options that you can choose between:

  • Optimize for the highest matching score: Select this option if you would like your users to have the best match possible based on the overlap between their profiles, even if it means not all users necessarily find a match.
  • Optimize for most program participation: Select this option if you would like to avoid having unpaired users and want to maximize participation across the entire group of registrants.

Advanced M3.png

Depending on how you would like your users to be matched, you may decide to choose one or the other. In my case, I would rather have none of my users left unpaired, so I will choose to optimize for highest program participation.

Advanced M4.png

Timezone Differences:

The next option you will want to consider is whether or not you would like to limit matches based on a user's timezone. For organizations that have users across many different geographies, this can be a useful feature to ensure that users can find sufficient time to schedule their sessions.

Clicking on this bar will provide you with the ability to prevent matching between users if their timezone difference is greater than some value. In my case, I would like to restrict users from matching if their difference is greater than 4 hours:

Advanced M5.gif

Reporting Lines:

The final option on this page is based on your user's reporting lines and organization structure.

Clicking into this feature will allow you to enable a restriction if you do not want direct reports matched with their manager, their manager's manager, or anyone who reports to the same manager. Be sure to click the Save button once you've made your selection.

Advanced M6.png

Now that you have finalized your Advanced Matching settings, you can head back to the Registration page (registratio_human_icon_-_dark.png) and check this step off!

Advanced M Comp.gif


To continue building your Cohort program, head over to Step 5 - Reviewing Email Templates


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