Launching Registration:

Turning on Registration:

Today's the big day! You're finally ready to launch registration after all your hard work. In order to launch registration, you need to head to your Registration (registration_human_icon_-_dark.png) page, scroll to the bottom, and click the Turn on Registration button:

  • Note: turning on registration will not send any emails yet, you will do that in the next step.

Reg Comp.gif

Inviting Users to Register:

Now that you have turned on Registration, you will need to invite your users to register for your program. On your Registration (registratio_human_icon_-_dark.png) page you will see three different options for inviting your users to register:

  • Bulk email invitations
  • Send individual email invitations
  • Share a registration link

Invite Users in Bulk:

Here you can use our Bulk Email feature to send out registration invites to all eligible users within your organization (Note: if they have already registered for this program, they will not receive an email). To do so, click on the Review & Send button:


This will bring up a prompt showing you a few of the participants that these invites would be sent, along with the total number of eligible users who would receive the email. Click the Send button to send all of these emails:


Individually Invite Users:

With the second option on this page, you can send individual email invitations by typing or pasting them into the text box. Once entered, click the Validate Emails button, and then once each email has been validated, you may click the Send Emails button:


Once you share your registration invites via email using either of these options, you can click on the Track Delivery tab at the top of this page to view your Email Delivery Analytics:



Auto-invite new users: 

The ability to automatically invite users to register whenever a new user is added to the user table is a highly beneficial feature that significantly streamlines the registration process while boosting user engagement. By eliminating the need for manual intervention, this functionality saves valuable time and effort.

Note: Auto-invitations may take up to 4 hours to be sent once the users have been added to the user table. A maximum of 20 invitations will be sent out every 4 hours.


Share a Registration Link:

The third option on your Registration page is to share a registration link that can be copied and sent to announce your program using alternative methods besides registering from the emails sent out via the platform. You can announce your program on your company chat, link it on your intranet, or add it to your program landing page. It allows for more flexibility in providing access to our platform. 



Congratulations! You have officially launched Registration for your program. The next step in building a successful mentorship program is completing your Matching Setup.


To continue building your Cohort program, head over to Step 9 - Matching Setup


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