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Review Your Program Content

Now that you have had a chance to assign tasks to all of your new pairings, the next step you will want to take is to review any available program content that you would like your pairings to engage with. To start, head over to the Content (content_icon_dark.png) page:


Here you will see three main tabs of content: ResourcesAgendas, and Tasks.


By default, several LinkedIn Learning Courses, Together’s Mentee and Mentor Handbooks, blogs, and articles will be shared for all users to view. You may add or remove resources as you see fit. 

  • Note: LinkedIn Learning courses can only be accessed if the user has a LinkedIn Learning account. You have the option to remove the courses if your organization does not provide access. You will also be able to link to any internal Learning Management Systems your organization uses by clicking the Add Resource button near the top of this page.


Adding resources for your users to review is simple, once you click the Add Resource button, a window will open asking you for a few pieces of information:

  • Resource title
  • Subtitle (optional)
  • Section: this is the section within the Resources page you would like the content placed
  • URL
  • Resource Image

Note: All resources can be added via a URL link only.

Once you have filled in each of these fields, be sure to click the Save button.



There are 6 default agendas available for your users to take advantage of during their sessions. For each mentor/mentee session, your users can use these agendas and reading materials to guide their discussion.

Together starts your users off with a set of high-quality agendas & session notes by default, however, users can create and edit their own agendas if they wish to tailor their sessions even further.

  • Note: Be sure to click“Publish” at the bottom of each agenda you have made changes to. Changes that have been made and Saved as a Draft will not yet change the agendas that users see. Once you publish your updated agenda, the changes will be live for users to see. 


Editing your Session Agenda(s) is simple! Once you click the edit (agenda_blue_pencil_icon.png) icon, this will open up to show you the current content for the agenda of that session:


When you click on the text, this will open a similar text editor to what you are familiar with from editing your email templates. This will allow you to edit these agendas to your liking:


If you would like to add more sessions for your pairings, you can do so by clicking the Add a Session button. In Cohort programs, adding more sessions here will create a new agenda, and add it as an additional session to each pairing. 

  • Note: adding more session agendas will not automatically add them as additional sessions to pairings that have already started. Users will need to add more sessions within their pairings if you add more session agendas once pairings have already begun.


For sessions that you would like to remove, you can do so simply by clicking on the trashcan (agenda_blue_trash_icon.png) icon beside the relevant session:


That's it for Reviewing your Program Content! Now let's head back to your Pairing (pairing_icon_dark.png) page and finalize the last steps before launching pairing:



To continue building your Cohort program, head over to Step 11 - Launching Pairing


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