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We've been hard at work here at Together building a revamped program launch process for our admins! Our latest update aims to make creating and launching new programs easier and more intuitive. There are a number of various changes you will notice immediately after you sign in as an admin, including:


  1. Redesigned questionnaire and algorithm pages - combining the process together to better highlight how these processes relate to one another via Profile Fields
  2. Question and Algorithm Rules - both your questionnaire and algorithm rules are created together, streamlining one of the most important parts of any program build. In addition, matching strength and algorithm rules are simpler to configure.
  3. A fresh user interface - navigation has become smoother and more intuitive. We have added checklists for both the Registration and Pairing stages of your build and added a progress bar to guide you along the way.
  4. Custom fields in profiles - we have added the ability to include custom fields within each of your user's profiles.

For more information and detailed steps on building and launching program(s) with our new launch process, check out our guides here:

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