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As a mentor, sometimes you might need to change your capacity throughout the course of your mentorship program. Your ability to take on additional mentees can change as things get busier at work, and that's why we always provide you the ability to update your capacity at any time.

Changing Your Capacity

To begin, you'll first need to log in to Together and head over to your Profile page.


From your profile page, you will see all of the programs you're currently registered in under the My Programs tab. To update your capacity, find a program where you're currently enrolled as a Mentor, then click the Manage My Capacity button:


Now that you have updated your capacity, you will only be able to pair with that number of mentees at any given time.

Managing Active Pairings

If you need to update your capacity, and already have more active pairings than your new capacity value, you can either end all of your currently active pairings or review them individually.

For example, I currently have 3 active pairings, but I want to adjust my capacity so I can only have 2 active pairings in this program. Once I update my capacity to 2, I will be prompted to review my pairings:


In my case, I would like to keep my pairing with Becky & Lebron, so I will click the View Pairings button to review each of these pairings individually. Clicking this option will return you to your home page, where you can find these pairings and individually end them if you wish. In my case, I am going to end my pairing with Mateo:


Now that I have ended my pairing with Mateo, I can go back to my profile and adjust my capacity down to 2 mentees:




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