Welcome to Together! We're excited for you to begin your mentorship journey. Once your organization has begun accepting registrants for your program, you can begin by signing up on Together here.

If you need assistance, please see our articles on How to Log In: Without SSO or With SSO

You will have received an email or directions from your administrator which would provide you with access to the platform. Once you have created an account you will be taken through the registration process.

Profile Information:

First, you will begin by setting up your Profile, here you can provide us with your preferred name, a headline (i.e. your role, department, etc), a link to your LinkedIn Profile, and your timezone. After you have filled these values in, click the blue Next button to continue.


Finding Your Program:

Now that you have finished your Profile, you will be shown a list of all the eligible programs you can currently register for. To begin simply select the program you wish to register for:


  • Note: if you join Together from a registration invite email, your program will be pre-selected on your behalf and you may skip this step.

Once you have selected your program, you will see some quick information about it, such as a description, and the matching process. When you're ready, click the Next button to move on to your registration questionnaire.


Submitting Your Registration:

Depending on the program's settings, you will either be asked to choose between a mentor and/or mentee.

If your organization has chosen to run an Evergreen program and the Peer Mentorship feature is enabled, you will also see the option to participate as a Peer within the program. Participating as a Peer allows you to connect with colleagues at a similar stage in their career at your organization to act as a guide for one another. Connecting with a fellow peer can help facilitate knowledge exchange and support throughout your mentorship journey. To register as a peer, you must also register as a Mentor and/or Mentee in the program.

In some cases, you may only be able to participate in a specific role, or you might be able to register as all three. For my program, I will register as all three. If you selected Mentor, it is important to also consider how many mentees you can take on. Once you have selected your role(s), click the blue Next button to move on to filling out the rest of your registration questionnaire:


If you have registered as a mentor, you will then be asked "How many mentees can you take on?". This is an important aspect of your program, as it helps your program admins understand your personal capacity and sets a maximum capacity for you within your program. On this page, you can use the slider to select how many mentees you can take at any one time, up to a program limit set by your admin team:


Now that you have found your program, selected your role, and set your capacity, the final step to complete registration is to answer a series of questions. These questions are specifically built to help find you the best match within the program.

  • Note: Your questionnaire will only take a few minutes to complete. Your program administrators worked hard to put this together, so please do your best to answer honestly and completely! The questionnaire is meant to capture all your skills, goals, preferences & any other information that will be helpful in matching you with the right mentor/mentee.


Once you have completed each of the questionnaire questions you can click the Finish button to be taken through a brief overview of the platform. We encourage you to read each of these pages, as they will give you a good understanding of your program and the platform more generally. To continue, simply click the Next button until you reach your home page:


Once you have completed each of these steps you will have successfully registered for the program and will be notified once matching has begun.


Have more questions? Submit a request here and let us know how we can help!


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