Now that you have successfully registered for the program, the next step along your mentorship journey is to get matched. Since your program is using the Admin-led matching process, your admin team will decide - with the assistance of our algorithm - who you will be matched with.

Your Next Steps will be shown on your Homepage. In this case, "You'll receive an email notification once you're matched."


Once your admin team has matched you with another user you will receive a Matching Announcement email to let you know who you have been matched with.




When you log back onto the platform, you will be greeted with a Matching Announcement as well. To continue, click the Finish button in the bottom right-hand corner. 


This will bring you back to your Homepage where you can begin connecting with your Mentee/Mentor starting with View Tasks:


Now that you have been matched, the next steps are to begin Scheduling your Session(s) with your new Mentee/Mentor!


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