Whitelisting emails generally requires anywhere between 1 day to 1 week depending on the bandwidth in your IT team. Similar to calendar/video integrations, we provide your team with the relevant documentation and provide any support as required. We request that your team ensure that our @togetherplatform.com domain is not marked as spam and excluded from any inbound email IT policies to ensure that none of your users miss notifications/emails relevant to their program. (estimated time required for customer IT: ~15 mins) 

Completing Steps in Together:

To begin, head to the Integrations page within your organization, then click the blue Set Up button beside the "Add Together as a safe sender" option:


You will be asked to select which vendor you wish to whitelist our domain on, select the one your company uses then click continue:


Once selected, you will be shown the proper documentation for that vendor to complete the whitelist. After you have followed the documentation for your vendor, you can click the Mark Complete button to confirm this has been completed.


This will then be reflected on your integrations page once complete so that your program admins can confirm each relevant integration has been finalized prior to launching the program:


Vendor-Specific Resources:

You can also directly refer to these articles on how to whitelist emails based on the email provider you are currently using:

For Users Receiving Emails to their Spam Inbox:

You can refer to these articles on how to whitelist emails from your spam inbox:


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