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We are thrilled to introduce a bunch of exciting new features, including a revamped Matching Directory, a cutting-edge AI-Profile Bio Generator, and the addition of Mentorship Labels throughout all your program types. It's time to take your mentorship game to new heights and let your story shine with our new updates! :rocket:

New Program Directory 🔎

Our new and improved Matching Directory ensures seamless navigation, allowing users to explore mentorship and networking opportunities effortlessly. 


With the new search feature, finding the ideal mentor, mentee, or networking connection has never been easier. Users can now filter their search based on the specific pairing type they want, enabling them to connect with individuals who align with their mentoring goals and networking needs.

  • Note: The Search Bar can only be used with first and last names. If you would like to search by a particular skill or goal for example, you can utilize the Filters Tab




The new filters tab allows users to personalize their search based on specific criteria, such as industry, expertise, and location. Whether you're seeking guidance in your career or need help with personal development, our updated Matching Directory is designed to connect you with people who can make a real difference in your mentorship journey.


New AI-Generated Profile Bio 🤖

Embrace the power of seamless storytelling with our new AI-generated user profile bios! With this cutting-edge tool, users can create captivating and personalized bios by using their existing LinkedIn profiles or by uploading a PDF. By analyzing the information you provide, we craft compelling narratives that showcase your skills, experiences, and accomplishments. This streamlined process saves valuable time and effort, empowering you to make a memorable impression.


Mentorship Labels Everywhere! 🏷️

The updates keep rolling, Mentorship Labels are now available in the Together Platform for all program types. The word “mentorship” in the platform will now be replaceable by whatever you, the admin, choose.


Auto-invite New Users 📩

Last but not least, we've added the ability to automatically invite new users to register whenever they are added to the user table. This new feature will significantly streamline the registration process while boosting user engagement. By eliminating the need for manual intervention, this functionality saves valuable time and effort.


And that covers everything for the May 2023 update! We are excited to have you as part of our community, and we'll continue to innovate and push the boundary for mentorship. Stay tuned for more updates, and Together, let's unlock new possibilities. ✨ 


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