To make the most of your mentoring sessions, we have designed a process to help you share your thoughts, questions, and discussion topics prior to your upcoming session. This ensures that the session is personalized, relevant, and highly beneficial to you as a mentee or mentor.

As a Mentee

One week before your upcoming mentoring session, you will receive an email, this serves as a call-to-action for you to submit the questions and topics you'd like to cover during your session.


Within this email, you will find a button labelled "Submit and Upvote Questions". Clicking on this button will redirect you to the Together Platform, where you can submit your questions and topics.

Here, you can write down any specific questions you'd like to ask your mentor or topics you wish to discuss during your session. These questions or topics can range from general areas you'd like to improve in, specific issues you're facing, or long-term career goals you're looking to map out.


Additionally, you can also review questions submitted by your fellow mentees and upvote the questions or topics that interest you the most!


As a Mentor

Two days before the session, you will be notified of the submissions your mentees have made. 


Here, you will get the chance to review all the questions and topics submitted and can then edit the agenda for the upcoming session accordingly. This allows you to prepare effectively and tailor the session to your group's needs and interests.


Once you have reviewed and finalized the submitted questions and topics for the upcoming session, a new updated agenda will be sent out to your mentees via email. 



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