A good mentorship relationship is formed when both mentee & mentor can give the time and space needed to the other. For this reason, it is important to find a time and schedule sessions that work for both parties. 

Together allows you to book into your mentor or mentee’s calendar through our scheduling system. You can book directly into your mentee or mentor's calendar through the tool, and this will include the agenda & reminders for your session. It is important that you only book through the platform, primarily because this allows us to help support your mentorship journey with resources & structured agendas along the way. 

  • Important: It is best practice to reach out to your mentee or mentor before booking directly into their calendars.

Mentees are recommended to take the initiative to schedule the sessions, but a mentor can also book them as well. It is good etiquette to reach out to your mentor via email to briefly introduce yourself and ask for their preferred availability prior to scheduling the session. You can always take the steps to book a session so that you can see their availability (if your organization has calendar integrations enabled) before suggesting a specific date and time. 

1-on-1 Programs:

Now that you have registered for a program and have been matched, on your home page, find the person you would like to book a session with:


To schedule your session, you can click anywhere within the white box. If this is your first session, you will see this prompt:


This will take you to our scheduling wizard, where you will see a number of important considerations:

  • Session Duration: Choose between 30, 45 and 60-minute increments.
  • Conferencing: Choose to add a Video Conference link or specify a location where you will meet. If you do not see your preferred video conference link, you will need to send this over to your mentee/mentor outside the platform. 
  • Timezone: Ensure you have chosen the correct timezone where you are located. 
  • Choose a Time: You will only be able to select the available times (in blue) that you and your mentor/mentee have based on your calendars. The greyed-out time slots mean that the time is in the past and you cannot book for those times. 


Once you find a date and time that work and have chosen your session duration and location/conference type, you may click on that time slot to bring up a prompt to send a calendar invite.


Click on Send Invite to finalize your invite. This is what the invite will look like in each of your calendars:


If you have held a session outside of the platform (i.e. did not book it through Together), we highly encourage you to return to the platform and Mark it as Done in order to track your progress through the program. For more information on these steps, please check out our article here: Mark Session as Complete/Mark as Done.

Group Programs:

Scheduling sessions as a group is very similar to scheduling a session in a 1 on 1 program. In a Group program, anyone can schedule a session, you do not have to be the leader of a group to schedule your next session! 

To schedule a session with your group, first, click on your group from the home page:


Then click the Book Session button beside the session that you would like to book with your group:


Here you can view the entire group's availabilities across all members. Hovering over the Heat Map reveals how many group members are available during those time slots.

Ideally, you can find a time when all members are available. In my case, we can see I have a few slots where all users are available highlighted here:

  • Note: blank slots indicate times when all users are available. The more heavily shaded blue the area, the less available the group is. 


To begin scheduling a session for this time, simply click on this area of the calendar. Once you click on the time slot, you will be prompted to send out the calendar invite to your group. Here you may select the duration of the session, and add a video conference option if you wish. Once you have finalized these options, click Schedule to send out the invite:


The invite will look identical to 1-on-1 session invites, however, it will list all of your group members on it:



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