Now that you have had the opportunity to book your session with your mentor/mentee, the next step of your journey is to actually begin your sessions! There are a few key elements to attending sessions and we would like to highlight some useful features for you along the way.


Attending Your Session(s):

Once you have booked your session, both you and your mentor should receive an invite to the session either in your inbox or on your calendar. The session invites should look something like this on your calendar:


  • Note: if you do not have a calendar integration configured with us, the invite will come from to your email address. If your calendar is integrated with Together, when you book a session, you will not receive an email notification. The session will simply be placed on your Outlook/Google calendar for the date and time selected during the scheduling process on the platform.

When it comes time for your session, you can either click on the meeting link that was included when the session was booked. This will open up the meeting in your preferred conferencing tool, in my particular case, Zoom:


If your session is in-person and not over video conference, you will see the location included on the invite in your email and/or calendar.

  • Tip: if you're having trouble finding your session invite or are unsure how to meet with your mentor, we highly encourage you to reach out directly to them via their preferred communication method (i.e. email, private message, etc) and check your spam/junk folder for any session invites that may have improperly ended up there. Sometimes invites can get lost in spam boxes or under many other emails in your inbox so overcommunicating in your matching is never a bad thing!


Session Agendas

Having something prepared to discuss during your session is very important to a successful mentoring relationship. That's why Together offers a number of various agendas for you and your mentee/mentor. These agendas are carefully tailored with respect to your individual program, and the overall goals of each session.

You may ask, however, how do I access the agenda for my session? You may find your agendas in a few different locations throughout the platform:

1. Within your Matching:

From your home page, click on your currently active matching:

  • Note: if you're in a Group Program, click on your Group instead of an individual matching from your Home page.


Within your matching page, head down and click on the session you would like to review the agenda for - this will open a view of your current agenda for that session. In my case, I have already booked my first session and would like to review this session's agenda:


Within this view, if your program has enabled our Shared Agendas Feature, both you and your mentee/mentor will be able to make updates/changes to the agenda to supplement what has already been provided for you by your admin team. If you would like to make changes to the agenda, simply click on the text editor and begin editing:


Once you have finished your changes to the agenda, please click the blue Save button at the bottom of the agenda editor:


You may also notice on this page there is a section for personal notes. Near the bottom of the page, you can enter any notes you may want to keep for this session. These notes are private and are only visible to you. Be sure to click the save button after you enter any notes!


2. Email Notifications:

Many emails you receive from Together will contain some supplementary important information that you should review. Our session-related emails that are sent to both you and your mentee/mentor are designed to remind you to schedule your sessions and inform you about any upcoming sessions you may have planned. 

Within these emails, oftentimes the agenda is included near the base of the email. As an example, our Upcoming Session email highlights the relevant agenda:

  • If you would like to view the agenda in more detail or make any changes, simply click on the View & Edit button within this email.


3. Program's Session Overview

The third place you can see the relevant session agendas is on the Programs page, specifically within the Session Overview for your specific program. To find this page, simply click on the Programs button near the top of the page:


Once you have found your program, click on it, then go to Session Overview. Under this tab, you will be able to review every session agenda available for your program. 

  • Note: agendas are not editable from this overview tab, and instead are meant to serve as a highlight of what your program admin team has made available to you for each of your sessions throughout the program.



Mentorship Agreements & Final Assessments:

The mentorship agreement is a guide for mentees to decide what they want to achieve throughout their mentorship relationship. The onus is on the mentee to fill out the agreement, and the mentor to review & sign off. The agreement includes sections on skills and goals, development planning, and scheduling.

The Mentorship Agreement is completely optional. However, our research has found that those mentees & mentors who complete the Mentorship Agreement tend to score higher on their matching and have a more effective mentorship relationship.

Where do I Find the Mentorship Agreement?

To find it, select your matching from your home page, then scroll down and click Mentorship Agreement:

  • Note: Mentorship Agreements are available for both traditional Cohort programs and Evergreen programs. However, for Evergreen programs specifically, mentorship agreements will only be available for matches with 3 or more sessions added. If you're part of a Group program or peer matching, you will not have a mentorship agreement to sign.


How do I Complete the Mentorship Agreement?

Step 1: Choose & Assess your Skills and Goals 

  • Note: if your program does not have any goals/skills questions in your registration, the Skills and Goals sections will be missing in your Mentorship Agreement.


Step 2: Fill out your Development Plan + Scheduling & Timing


Step 3: Sign Your Part of the Agreement



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