Together's mentorship platform delivers a 98% satisfaction rate by combining user-centred design with powerful, customizable features. Our matching processes, enhanced by Auto-Match and Mentor Approval, create personalized and effective mentorship experiences for all types of programs.

✅ Two Matching Processes

User-led Matching (Cohort and Evergreen)

Users take charge by selecting their ideal mentor from a list, fostering independence and engagement in their mentorship journey.

  • Example: Suitable for more flexible and dynamic programs, such as peer mentoring or onboarding, where quick connection is prioritized.

Admin-led Matching (Cohort Only)

Admins create and approve matches to ensure effective and growth-oriented mentorship.

  • Example: Perfect for structured mentorship programs where admins understand specific participant needs and organizational goals, such as leadership training programs.

✅ Additional Matching Capabilities

Auto-Match: Intelligent Matches Perfected

Auto-Match adds a layer to the primary matching processes, offering algorithmically curated suggestions that streamline the matching process.

  • Example: For new recruits in a company-wide integration program, Auto-Match can identify mentors who best align with the newcomers' professional backgrounds and interests.  

Note: Auto-Match will be available for Cohort programs soon.

Mentor Approval: Secure the Right Match

Mentor Approval lets mentors decline a specific match request based on the mentee's profile, ensuring a high-quality mentorship fit. Additionally, they can also turn off matching availability and decline all requests, or keep matching availability turned on and approve all requests.

  • Example: Ideal for programs that value participant choice but also seek to maintain quality control, such as career development initiatives.

Data-Driven Matching Intelligence

Our platform can be tailored, integrating data from HRIS to refine matching logic, while also respecting organizational hierarchy to prevent unsuitable matches.

🔍 Comparing the Processes

User-led matching encourages participant initiative, while admin-led matching is grounded in organizational strategy. Auto-Match optimizes both processes by suggesting compatible mentors, saving time and enhancing match quality. Mentor Approval ensures that matches are well-considered by the mentor, allowing them to decline particular requests based on the mentee's profile, contributing to the overall satisfaction of their mentorship journey.


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