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Colleague Connect is a new match format that transcends traditional hierarchies, enabling everyone to learn from anyone. This innovative approach is a game-changer, fostering more fluid and informal connections within your organization, empowering employees to take charge of their learning by giving them the freedom to approve their matches and decide the duration of these connections.

With Colleague Connect, growth opportunities are abundant, not limited by the availability of mentors, but rather enriched by the diverse experiences and goals shared among colleagues. Whether it's new managers seeking guidance or parents looking for shared experiences, Colleague Connect reduces barriers and opens doors to valuable, relatable connections.

Pro-tip: You can create a stand-alone Colleague Connect Program by using one of our Customizable Templates or you can add it to an Existing Program

Enable Meaningful Matches

Connecting Through Shared Skills and Goals

At the core of Colleague Connect is the ability to match individuals based on shared skills and professional goals:

Skill Development: Employees looking to develop specific skills can connect with colleagues who possess expertise in those areas, facilitating peer-to-peer learning and growth.

Goal Alignment: For those with similar professional objectives, Colleague Connect provides a platform to find and collaborate with like-minded colleagues, be it for project collaboration, idea generation, or mutual support in career progression.

Utilizing Personal Traits for Broader Networking

Colleague Connect also emphasizes the importance of personal traits such as location, department, and membership in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to establish connections. This approach enables:

Location-Based Networking: Colleagues in the same location can easily find and meet each other, enhancing local networking and community building within the organization.

Departmental Exchange: By connecting individuals from different departments, Colleague Connect breaks down silos, encouraging cross-functional understanding and collaboration.

ERG Integrations: Members of ERGs can leverage the platform to connect with peers who share similar interests or backgrounds, fostering a sense of belonging and community within the organization.


With this in mind, you can also learn more about our new approach to how fields work in this article: What are Identity and Personal Development Fields?

Enabling Colleague Connect 

Enabling Colleague Connect for your existing program(s) is a simple process. Head over to Program Settings > Matching, then scroll down to the Roles and Labels section and switch the Colleague Connect toggle on. Make sure to click the Save button to confirm your changes: 

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Explore Possibilities with Customizable Templates

Colleague Connect offers a range of customizable templates, each one can cater to different objectives. Whether you are aiming to enhance cross-departmental interactions, streamline onboarding processes, or address specific learning needs, Colleague Connect equips admins with the tools to create impactful programs effortlessly. Here are a few examples:

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 1.33.52 PM.png

Coffee Chats

Ideal for informal, low-pressure interactions, the Coffee Chats template is perfect for fostering casual conversations and networking within an organization. It’s a great tool to encourage spontaneous idea exchanges and build a community feel among colleagues.

Study Buddies

For more structured learning or skill development goals, the Study Buddies template provides a framework for colleagues to pair up and learn together. This template can be used for peer-to-peer learning sessions, study groups, or collaborative skill-building activities.

Building New Programs with Colleague Connect

Want to learn how you can create a new program with Colleague Connect? Check out these awesome playlists we've created just for you:


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