Welcome to the exciting next phase of your mentorship journey with Together – actively participating in your sessions! We're here to guide you through the essential steps of attending your sessions and utilizing some great features along the way to make your experience as smooth and enriching as possible.

Attending Your Sessions:

After you've scheduled a session, you and your mentor or mentee will receive an invite. This could land in your email inbox or directly on your calendar. Here's what your invite will typically look like:


Heads Up: If you haven’t set up calendar integration, expect the invite from mentorship@togetherplatform.com. Otherwise, it'll automatically show up on your Outlook/Google calendar, as per your booking on the platform.

When it's time for your session, just click the meeting link in the invite. This will launch your chosen conferencing tool – like Zoom, for example:


For in-person meetings, the location details will be in your invite.

Tip: Can't locate your session invite? Reach out to your mentor/mentee and peek into your spam/junk folder. Better to overcommunicate than miss out on a session!

Session Agendas: A Must-Have for Productive Sessions

Prepping for your session with an agenda is key to a successful mentorship. Together provides customized agendas for each session, and here's where you can access them:

Accessing Agendas in Your Match:

From your homepage, click on your active match (or group for Group Programs), then find and click on your session to view its agenda. You can edit this agenda if your program enables Shared Agendas – just click, edit, and save!


Email Notifications:

Our session-related emails often include the agenda at the bottom. If you need to view or tweak the agenda, just hit the 'View & Edit' button in the email.


Program's Session Overview:

For a broad view of all session agendas, head to the 'Programs' page, select your program, and then the 'Session Overview' tab. This gives you a snapshot of what's planned for each session.

Feb-06-2024 15-02-21.gif

Mentorship Agreements & Final Assessments: Vital Tools for Goal Setting

Mentorship Agreements are your roadmap for what you aim to achieve in your mentorship relationship. While optional, completing this can significantly enhance your mentorship experience.

Finding the Mentorship Agreement:

Go to your homepage, select your match, and scroll to 'Mentorship Agreement':

Feb-06-2024 15-00-25.gif

Completing the Agreement:

You'll assess your skills and goals, fill out your development plan, and then sign off on the agreement. If your program doesn’t include goals/skills questions, these sections will be omitted. 


Want to learn more about the Mentorship Agreement and Final Assessment? Check out this help center article: Mentorship Agreement & Final Assessment.

You're almost at the finish line! Head over to the last article in our series, Together Essentials: Post-Session Feedback to continue.

Need More Guidance?

If you have further questions or need assistance, please submit a request. We're here to support and enhance your mentorship experience at Together!


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