Hey there! Just wrapped up a session on Together? Awesome! Now, let’s talk about a crucial step that follows – giving feedback. It's a breeze and super valuable for enhancing your mentorship experience.

Why Your Feedback Matters

Post-session surveys are a key part of your journey. While they're optional, your insights really help us fine-tune the mentorship program. Don't worry, your responses are confidential – they're only for the admins' eyes and won't be shared with your mentor or mentee.

How to Give Feedback After Your Session

Finding the Feedback Task:

After each session, you'll get a reminder to provide feedback. You'll see this as a To-Do on your Matching page. Or, just click on your mentor/mentee's name from your Home Page and check out your session list for any pending feedback.

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Spotting Uncompleted Feedback:

Look for sessions marked with orange stars – these are the ones awaiting your feedback. Click on the session, then hit the ‘Complete Feedback’ button to start your survey.

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Filling Out the Post-Session Survey:

Mentorship Fit:

After your first session, you’ll be asked about the fit with your mentor/mentee. This is just between you and the admins, so be honest! Once done, hit 'Next'.

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Session Rating:

Rate how it went on a scale of 1-4 stars. Feel free to leave any written feedback about your session – this is super helpful for us to understand your experience.

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Topics Discussed:

Let us know what topics you covered. This helps track the focus of your mentorship.

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Notes & Action Items:

Share any meeting notes or action items here. If you don’t have any, just click ‘Finish’.

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Remember, your feedback is a big part of making Together better for everyone!

Feedback in Different Program Types

Evergreen Programs: It works just like in Cohort programs, but Mentorship Agreements and Final Assessments kick in after 3 sessions. Your ongoing feedback helps us track your progress.

Group Programs: Feedback is similar to 1-on-1 sessions, but anyone in the group can submit it. Group feedback gives a comprehensive view of how everyone’s doing.

Ready for More Sessions or a New Match?

Eager to book more sessions or find a new match? Check out our articles on Scheduling and Matching for a quick guide on how to proceed.

You've journeyed from the initial excitement of registration, through the thrill of finding your match, to the rich conversations of your sessions, and finally, to sharing your valuable insights. Bravo for embracing each step with enthusiasm and dedication! Your mentorship adventure doesn't end here; it's just the beginning of deeper exploration, learning, and growth. Here's to all the connections you've made and the ones still to come!

Questions? Need Help?

Got more questions or need a hand with something? Just submit a request, and we’re here to help you out!


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