Hey there! Just wrapped up a session on Together? Awesome! Now, let’s talk about a crucial step that follows – giving feedback. It's a breeze and super valuable for enhancing your mentorship experience.

Why Your Feedback Matters

Post-session surveys are a key part of your journey. While they're optional, your insights really help us fine-tune the mentorship program. Don't worry, your responses are confidential – they're only for the admins' eyes and won't be shared with your mentor or mentee.

How to Give Feedback After Your Session

Finding the Feedback Task:

After each session, you'll get a reminder to provide feedback. You'll see this as a To-Do on your Matching page. Or, just click on your mentor/mentee's name from your Home Page and check out your session list for any pending feedback.

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Spotting Uncompleted Feedback:

Look for sessions marked with orange stars – these are the ones awaiting your feedback. Click on the session, then hit the ‘Complete Feedback’ button to start your survey.

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Filling Out the Post-Session Survey:

Mentorship Fit:

After your first session, you’ll be asked about the fit with your mentor/mentee. This is just between you and the admins, so be honest! Once done, hit 'Next'.

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Session Rating:

Rate how it went on a scale of 1-4 stars. Feel free to leave any written feedback about your session – this is super helpful for us to understand your experience. When filling out session feedback, you can see how this session contributes towards your progress on a badge or certificate. It's a great way to track your achievements and understand how each session impacts your goals.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 3.11.38 PM.pngReminder: One of you or your match will need to fill out session feedback for a session to count towards a certificate. This ensures that the session is recognized as part of your certification progress. However, you don’t need to fill out feedback for a completed session to count towards a badge.

Topics Discussed:

Let us know what topics you covered. This helps track the focus of your mentorship.

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Notes & Action Items:

Share any meeting notes or action items here. If you don’t have any, just click ‘Finish’.

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Remember, your feedback is a big part of making Together better for everyone!

Feedback in Different Program Types

Evergreen Programs: It works just like in Cohort programs, but Mentorship Agreements and Final Assessments kick in after 3 sessions. Your ongoing feedback helps us track your progress.

Group Programs: Feedback is similar to 1-on-1 sessions, but anyone in the group can submit it. Group feedback gives a comprehensive view of how everyone’s doing.

Ready for More Sessions or a New Match?

Eager to book more sessions or find a new match? Check out our articles on Scheduling and Matching for a quick guide on how to proceed.


Questions? Need Help?

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