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At Together Software, we leverage the OpenAI API to assist in generating content, aiming to enrich & improve the experience of participants in a mentorship program. This integration enables our users to craft personalized profile bios, generate session agendas, and receive AI-powered suggestions for refining these agendas. Our goal is to provide a solid starting point for user content, which users can then tailor according to their preferences.


Protecting user privacy 

Data sent to OpenAI is not retained or used for AI model training

Together has established a Data Processing Addendum with OpenAI, which guarantees that your data is handled with the highest security standards. In addition, all information submitted by Together through the OpenAI API platform is not used by OpenAI to enhance or train of OpenAI's service models, see: Open AI Enterprise Privacy for more details.

Furthermore, any data submitted to OpenAI through Together Software is not retained beyond 30 days. Both the input data and the AI-generated output are securely erased from OpenAI's systems after a period of 30 days. Together strictly prohibits the use of your data by any partners or third parties for model training or any other objectives, ensuring your data's integrity and confidentiality.


Removal of Personally Identifiable Information 

To facilitate content generation, Together Software transmits specific data to OpenAI, including information from uploaded PDF resumes, user registration questionnaires, skills and goals. This ensures that the AI-generated content is relevant and customized to the particular user. While content is meant to be personalized, we prioritize & preserve user privacy by ensuring that all data, for all Together AI enabled features, is anonymized before sending it to OpenAI.

All PII such as a user’s first & last name, URLs &  emails are redacted before sending  information sent to OpenAI.

Certain features have additional levels of privacy protection beyond just anonymization. Please consult the individual product pages for more details.

Note: User first names are redacted, but tokenized, so that they can be replaced in the generated output from OpenAI


List of AI Features at Together


Disabling Together AI Features

For organizations that have mandates around banning the usage of AI features, all Together Software AI features can be disabled across the organization under Account Settings > Features > Enable Usage of AI:

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 2.37.33 PM.png


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