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Personalized Agendas leverages the latest advances in AI to allow each pairing to have a bespoke agenda generated for each session, customized using information from their profiles. Having a unique, relevant agenda to guide a session ensures that mentors, mentees, and peers derive maximum value from their interactions. 

Personalized Agendas are generated using information from participant registration profiles, previous session agendas and any custom talking points that a user might provide to tailor their agenda.

Note: While Personalized Agendas are accessible to all users across various languages, please be aware that the agenda content is currently generated only in English.

Enabling Personalized Agendas

Enabling Personalized Agendas for an existing program is an easy process. Head over to Program Settings > Content > Agendas, then select the Personalized Agendas radio button to change the agenda type for your program.

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It's important to note that activating Personalized Agendas will not alter the content of any current session agendas. You can also easily revert to the original settings at any time without impacting the custom agendas previously generated or edited with AI assistance.

Personalized Agendas are only available for 1:1 matches, and not yet available for Group Mentorship programs.

For Cohort programs, the number of sessions assigned when users enter a match is based on the number of agendas. For cohorts with Personalized Agendas enabled, matches will be assigned 6 sessions.

Note: When Personalized Agendas are enabled, participants will still have access to the Fixed Agendas of a program through the Program Resource page, see: Finding Your Session Agendas 🔍

Trying out Personalized Agendas

Curious about how Personalized Agendas work from a user's perspective? By selecting Explore Personalized Agendas on the Agendas page, you can preview the user-side AI editing experience.


This feature uses profiles of two template users to showcase the user-side functionality of editing agendas, allowing you to gain firsthand experience with the AI's capabilities, without having to enable the feature for your program. 

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Participant Editing Experience

Users will have access to the Personalized Agenda AI editing tools from any context where they can edit a session agenda. For more information about the user editing experience, see: Editing Agendas ✏️

Participants are also able to preview a generated potential session agenda, before even matching with another user. To learn more about how participants interact with personalized agendas when finding a match, you can check out this article: Finding A Match.

Data Protection and Personalized Agendas

In addition to our standard anonymization of user data, the Personalized Agendas feature also ensures:

  1. Only registration questionnaire answers that are set to “Visible to everyone” are sent to OpenAI.
  2. All user-supplied AI custom topics are anonymized.
  3. The registration questionnaire answers to questions that may contain sensitive answers, such as gender, ethnic group & nationality are redacted.

For more information, you can check out this article: Usage of AI at Together


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