After sending out the invites for your event, you can easily review who has RSVP’ed. This information helps you keep track of expected attendance and manage your event more effectively. To view this data, select your active event and head over to the RSVP Status section: 

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Admins can see a summary of RSVP data directly from the event card, providing a quick and convenient way to check how many people have responded. This summary data includes the number of people who have accepted, declined, or not yet responded to the invitation.

To get detailed information, there are five different tabs you can select:

  • Invited: This tab shows all users who have been invited to the event.
  • Attending: This tab lists the users who have accepted the invitation and confirmed they will be attending.
  • Maybe: This tab includes users who have indicated they might attend the event.
  • Not Attending: This tab shows the users who have declined the invitation.
  • Awaiting Response: This tab displays users who have not yet responded to the invitation.

It's important to note that users cannot see RSVP counts in Together and only admins have access to this information, ensuring that RSVP details are kept private and only visible to those managing the event. RSVP counts may be available on the actual calendar invite depending on your calendar integration settings.

By keeping track of RSVP data, you can better prepare for your event, ensuring you have everything set up to accommodate the attendees.


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