Certificates are an excellent way to provide recognition for participating in a mentorship program. Here’s how you can manage certificates as an admin:

Setting up a Certificate

You can add a certificate to a program at any time, and it will be granted based on data before the certificate is added. To add a certificate, select your program and head over to the Content > Certificates:

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Click 'Enable Certificate' to begin. It's important to note that by enabling the certificate, some users may be granted this certificate and notified by email immediately:

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Now, you can begin editing your certificate by clicking the 'Edit' button:

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You can customize the name, text, and colour that appears on a certificate. The certificate includes the program banner and your organization’s logo. Certificates will be automatically awarded when a user has completed a specific number of sessions, where a user has submitted feedback. Once you have made your changes, click the 'Save' button to save your certificate:

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Users will be automatically granted certificates when they fulfill certain conditions. Currently, the only condition is “sessions completed.” When enabling or changing the achievement threshold of a certificate, you will receive a warning to confirm the action.

What Sessions qualify for a Certificate?

Any completed session as any role, with feedback from at least one of the users, counts towards a certificate. To ensure that only sessions that occurred contribute to the certificate, one user in the pairing must have filled out session feedback. If one user fills this out, the session will count for both users in the pairing. The user aiming to get the certificate can fill out their own session feedback to meet this requirement.

Reporting on Certificates

When a certificate is enabled, you can report on progress towards it from the program's Content > Certificates section. Here, you can see how many sessions users have completed and which sessions don’t have any feedback and are not yet counting towards the certificate:

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Certificates are based on a user’s activity within a single mentorship program. To recognize engagement as a certain role across multiple programs, consider using Together Badges. For more information, see Badges in Together.

By managing certificates effectively, you can provide meaningful recognition to users participating in your mentorship programs, enhancing their motivation and engagement.

Sharing Certificates

Users can track their progress towards certificates and share their certificates from the User Activity Page. Users can also directly share & add their certificates to their LinkedIn profiles to showcase them to their peers. For more details, see User Guide Sharing Badges & Certificates.


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