Availability: Badges are only available to organizations on the Enterprise and Professional Tiers.

Badges are a great way to recognize and motivate users on the Together platform. They are automatically awarded to users based on completing a certain number of sessions in the platform as a specific role. 

How Badges are Awarded

Sessions count towards badges after they are marked as completed by the participant or after the booked session time passes. No additional verification is required for badges to be awarded.

Available Badges

For a list of available badges and how they can be earned, refer to the user guide, What badges are available (and how do I get them)?

Badge names and thresholds are set by Together and cannot be customized. If you’d like to recognize employees for a custom level of activity, consider using certificates. For more details, you can view Certificates in Together.

Reporting on Badges

As an admin, you can report on the available badges and see who has earned which badges by navigating to Users > Badges:

Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 3.43.39 PM.png

Each badge lists the eligible users for the badge, based on if they are registered as a certain role in a program. Click on one of the badges to get more insights such as who has earned the badge, and who has this badge in progress: 

Jul-05-2024 15-45-43.gif

User Interaction with Badges

Users can see the badges they are working towards on their homepage and on the "My Activity" page. For more details, refer to Badges & Certificates in Together. Users also have the option to share a public link to their achieved badge, personalized with their name. This link can be shared on LinkedIn or an internal company Slack channel. For more information, see: Sharing Badges & Certificates.

Disabling Badges

Badges can be disabled at an organizational level. If you wish to disable badges for your organization, you can contact your Account Manager (AM) for more details.


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