Setting up Just-In-Time user provisioning for Single Sign On with SAML 2.0:

Just in time user provisioning is enabled by default. If you would like to leverage just-in-time user provisioning, make sure you provide the optional surname and givenname SAML attributes in your assertion.

Note: we do not support JIT with OAuth sign-ons.

With Just-In-Time user provisioning, you do not need an administrator to add users to the platform in advance of them using it. Anyone with the link and who can sign in through your Identity Provider (e.g. Azure Active Directory, Okta, etc) will be provisioned an account.

In addition to Just-In-Time user provisioning, we will also pre-provision users on behalf of admins from your HRIS Data, if you choose to integrate that data with us. You are not billed for pre-provisioned users until they are active users. HRIS Data further enriches mentor and mentee user data with HR data (contract type, office, location, department, supervisor, etc) that is not typically available in your Identity Provider and unlocks additional functionality like having control over who is eligible for mentorship (contractors, interns, full time, etc).


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