Just-in-time user provisioning with Identity Providers

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Manage user lifecycle (new hires and terminations)


Together Software manages user provisioning (adding/subtracting/updating users eligible to use our software) through your organization's HRIS data (e.g. Workday, SuccessFactors, etc), not through your Identity Provider (e.g. Azure Active Directory, Okta, etc).


The reason for that is that the typical customer using our software has the following two requirements:

  • Enriching mentor and mentee user data with HR data (office, location, department, supervisor, etc)

  • Having control over who is eligible for mentorship (contractors, interns, full time, etc)

Generally, IDPs like Azure AD and Okta don't allow for rich data attribution, nor give easy control over access by employee type. Thus, provisioning through IDPs is not something we plan to support in the near term.

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