Automated Process

To integrate with the ADP API, you'll need four key components from your ADP environment:

  1. A certificate file, typically with a .pem or .cer extension.
  2. A key file, usually with a .key extension.
  3. A Client ID, a short string of characters provided by ADP.
  4. A Client Secret, another short string of characters from ADP.

Follow the detailed steps for generating a certificate and making your first API call using the guides provided on ADP's developer portal:

These resources will guide you through the necessary setup for calling the ADP API.

Manual Process

The ADP Workforce integration is a read-only, nightly sync of your employee directory information into the Together Platform. We do not push any data back into ADP. We use the Workers tables as a source of data.

1. We need information from you to generate a "Certificate Signing Request (CSR)" which registers our API connection

  • Organization Name (must be the same string used by your organization when registered with ADP)

  • ADP Client ID (Note: If you are an ADP Workforce Now client, your ADP client ID is all the characters to the right of the @ symbol in your ADP Workforce Now login name)

  • State, Country for your company

2. Once we have this, we will confirm receipt and THEN we need you to open a support ticket with ADP in the portal. The following is the text you should submit to ADP:

"We are interested in creating an integration with the Workers API. We have already submitted the CSR request via the ADP Certificate Signing Tool. Can you please: 1) Sign the CSR and send it back? 2) Provide a client ID and secret for the integrations?"

Once we have the clientid/secret (1) and signed CSR (2) we predict 2-week turnaround on the completion of the integration.



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