This document provides instructions to your IT team on how to grant access to the Ultipro HCM for integrating the company organization chart with Together.


Background Information

Ultipro Connect is a set of APIs that allow apps to integrate with an Ultipro organization's HRIS data. A system administrator can create a set of authorized credentials by registering a web service account. This service account has a defined scope of rights, and it is with these credentials that the app accesses protected information, such as employee titles.


Each service account has a unique API key and username and password.


For the purposes of integrations with Together, only read access is required. Together will not make any writes to your HRIS data.


Step 1: Generate a new web service account for Together

  1. Login to Ultipro as a system administrator

  2. Head to System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration

  3. Begin adding a new service account.

  4. Enter a new username and password for the service account. A suggested username is TogetherIntegration, however, you may choose any username and password that fit your organization's security standards.

  5. Enter the system administrator's email in the email field.

  6. Under the Web Service scopes, choose the scopes listed in the table below

  7. Hit save, and obtain and hold onto the provided User API key, username and password.

  8. Obtain the Customer API key from System Configuration > Security > Web Services

  9. Obtain and hold onto the Customer API.

  10. Note down the root URL of all of the web services above, e.g. https://service4.ultipro.com/




Personnel integration


Employee Person Details


Company Configuration Integration



Web Services LMS.png

Completing the integration

Add the User API key, Customer API key, root URL, username and password to our self-serve integration flow at my.togetherplatform.com/settings?section=integrations




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