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Once you click Register Now, you will be brought to the questionnaire. The first question is if you want to be a Mentor only, Mentee only, or both. If you selected Mentor, decide how many mentees you can take on.


If your organization has chosen to run an Evergreen program and the Peer Mentorship feature is enabled, you will also see the option to participate as a Peer within the program. Participating as a Peer allows you to connect with colleagues at a similar stage in their career at your organization to act as a guide for one another. Connecting with a fellow peer can help facilitate knowledge exchange and support throughout your mentorship journey.

To register as a peer, you must also register as a Mentor and/or Mentee in the program:


Pro Tip: Your questionnaire will take a few minutes to complete. We ask you to take your time in completing your profile. The questionnaire is meant to capture all your skills, goals, preferences & any other information that will be helpful in pairing you with the right mentor/mentee. 

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