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What is a session?

Session Agendas are resources that help you prepare before your mentorship meeting, help guide you during your meeting, and give ideas on ways to follow-up and review after your meeting. Our research has found that those pairs that follow Session Agendas tend to have more effective mentoring relationships as they help ensure both parties to come prepared to each meeting & understand expectations on each side.

We encourage you to use the Session Agendas for each meeting. There are great resources & material within each of these agenda; however, if you’d prefer to review your own content or focus on other topics - you are not required to use these. Just be sure to let your mentee or mentor know before your meeting.

How do I find Session Agendas?

To view your Session Agenda with your mentee/mentor, go to your Home Page. Click their name under Pairings on your homepage (see below). 


Click into the Session Agenda you would like to view. 


Your detailed session agendas will be available to you once you are paired with your mentor or mentee and have booked your first session! You can also access session agendas in the Programs tab > Session Overview.  Clicking into each session will give you an understanding of what the agenda is, and what it covers. 


What a more in-depth tutorial? Check out the Video Playlist from Together. 





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