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What is a session?

Session Agendas are resources that help you prepare before your mentorship meeting, help guide you during your meeting, and give ideas on ways to follow up and/or review after your meeting. Our research has found that pairings who follow a Session Agendas tend to have more effective mentoring relationships as they help ensure both parties come prepared to each meeting & understand expectations on each side.

We encourage you to use the Session Agendas for each meeting. There are great resources & material within each of these agendas; however, if you’d prefer to review your own content or focus on other topics - you are not required to use these. Just be sure to let your mentee or mentor know before your meeting.

How do I find Session Agendas?

Check out our article here to walk you through how to access our Agendas in both 1-on-1 and Groups programs.


Want a more in-depth tutorial? Check out the Video Playlist from Together. 


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