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What is Availability?

Availability is a feature that is offered to support scheduling in the Together platform. As a mentee or mentor, you can choose when you want to make yourself available for mentorship meetings. Once you set the times you are available for mentorship, we will block your calendar in the tool to ensure that you can only be booked during those times.

Making yourself available for "Working Hours" is the most common availability. You can also choose Weeknights, Weekends, or Custom Times. If you choose the latter, it is best practice to let your partner know. 

Pro Tip: We recommend having at least 10 hours free a week to allow mentees or mentors to book. This allows your partner to find a time that works for you and them. 

How to Set Availability 

From your home page, click on Profile.


Click on Availability to see your availability preferences. Remember to click Save after changes have been made.




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