1-on-1 Programs:

If you feel that your mentor is not a good fit for you or just need to end your matching early for whatever reason, you can begin by clicking their profile card on your home page. However, depending on your organization's setup of the program, you may need to have your request to end your matching approved by your administrator.

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Click on the End Match button near the top of the page:

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You will be prompted to provide a reason. If you select "Other," please add your reason in the text box provided. You may also checkmark the option "I'd prefer not to be matched again with this person in the future." This information will be passed along to your administrator. Click Stop Match when done. 

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Feedback to your administrator as well as to your mentor will be requested. Your mentor will be notified of the decision to end the matching early. You and your mentor will re-enter the matching pool to be available to match with another person. 

Once your match has ended successfully, you will be prompted to confirm your Matching Settings for your profile:

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You can either close this prompt or click Matching Settings to review your Participation and Matching Settings, Registration Questionnaire, and Capacity

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Group Programs:

In a group program, if you feel that your group isn't the right fit for you, you have the ability to leave the group. However, depending on your organization's setup of the program, you may need to have your request to leave or change groups approved by your administrator first. 

Note: when you leave your group, the program support admin(s) will be notified. 

To leave your current group you can click on the group from your home page and then the Leave Group button:




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