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Post Session Feedback & Surveys

After each completed Session in Together, you will be prompted to fill out a survey asking for feedback. The survey is optional, but we do ask you take a few minutes to complete. The survey responses are only visible to admins, and will not be shared with your mentee or mentor. The survey is exclusively meant to help improve the mentorship program - so we ask for your honesty and support. 

What is required in the Post Session Survey?

Mentorship Fit

This is only asked after your first session. Here you can let your program administrators know if you believe your pairing was a good fit, still deciding or not a good fit. A reminder here that this will not be shared with your mentor/mentee and will only be shared with program administrators.


Rate your Session

This is telling your program administrators how the session went and any other notes that you'd like to share with them. The first prompt is to quantitatively rate your session our of four stars. If you felt the session went Great, leave 4 stars. If you felt the session was Not Good, leave 1 star. 

The second part is qualitative feedback. This is where you can leave an feedback on the session, whether it was about the relationship, the platform or your experience. Again, any feedback that you can share will help your organization and help us improve the program.


Topics Discussed in your Session

You'll also be asked what Topics you covered in your Session.


Notes & Action Items

The last part is about sharing any other shared notes and action items that you'd like to share with your mentee or mentor. If there are any discussion topics that you'd like to add in your meeting notes or any action items you'd like to add, this is the place to do it. If there's none to add, you can simply click Finish.


Again, please take the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is valuable in helping us to improve and shape the program, providing the best mentorship experience for all.

How to complete Post Session Survey

After each Session, you will receive an outstanding task to provide feedback for the Session. You will be prompted with a To-Do on your Pairing page.


Once you click into the mentee/mentor, you will see your To-Do items. 


You can also click into a previous session where you will see Complete Feedback under the session agenda.



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