When you're looking to add a new admin to your platform and grant specific permissions, start by navigating to the "Users" section. Once there, you'll see an "Add User +" button which you'll want to click:

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This will open up a form where you can input the new user's First Name, Last Name, and Email.

In the "Account Permissions" section of the form, there's a box next to "Administrator" that you can click to grant admin permissions. Upon selecting this box, an "Administrator Settings" section will appear, presenting you with two types of admin roles to choose from:

  1. Organization Administrator: This role gives the admin access to all programs with admin privileges.

  2. Program Administrator: This role provides the admin with limited access to programs with admin privileges.

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Once you've added the admin, don't forget to click the "Save" button to ensure all your changes are stored and applied.

For a comprehensive view of the types of permissions each admin role encompasses, head over to "Settings" and select the "User Permissions" tab. Here, you'll see a detailed breakdown of permissions for each admin role:

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For instance, the Organization Administrator has access to an extensive range of permissions, including the ability to:

  • Add Users
  • Edit Role Permissions
  • Create Programs
  • Duplicate Programs
  • Invite All Users To a Program
  • Add/Edit Organization-Wide Fields
  • Access Reports For All Programs

Conversely, the Program Administrator is limited to the ability to Duplicate Programs.

By following these steps and utilizing the User Permissions tab, you can ensure that you're granting the appropriate levels of access and control to your new admins.


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