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Log in to the platform and click on Settings on the left sidebar.

You can choose settings to help make your program most suitable for your organization. 




Organization Theme

Here, you can edit your Organization Name, brand colors, and logo. 

Tip: We recommend that your logo be 750 by 500 pixels. 




This section shows the integrations you have with Together. This includes the HRIS, Login, and Calendar integrations. These settings are managed by Together, if you would like to change anything please contact support.


Together Accounts

You have the option to further customize the program by allowing the creation of new accounts, external sign-ups, restrictions, and consent to use data.


Increase Signups

You have the option to automatically send new employees a registration link and to allow users to invite other users to the platform.


Other Settings

You can change the timezone of the organization, opt to receive daily admin digest (emails) for registration or to receive it at a weekly basis.

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