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Launching Registration of your mentorship program is one of the biggest steps for your program. A successful launch will allow you to have more reach & drive more impact with your organization. It is also the first time your organization will see all the great work you've done for the program, and tends to come with a bit of stress.

We recommend watching our Getting Started Video before launch. Also, if at any time you would like to discuss best practices or get support, reach out to

How should I send the invitation?

Before you press "send" on any emails, it is important to consider how you want to invite your participants. The first consideration is where do you want this email to come from:

From Together Software

This is the most simple and most automated.  A white-labelled email will be sent to those you selected in your organization. The benefit of this is that it is very quick & simple. The downside is that your participants may be confused of who is sending this email & what it is for.

From your Organization

This is the most intimate and customized way. Grab your unique registration link and add it to the body of an email that you draft and you send. The benefit to this is it comes from someone internal, and there is no risk of it being blocked or confused for spam/phishing. The downside is you (or someone in your org) will need to send this and reduces the amount of automation.

Who do I send the invitation to?

Once you decide where you want this email to come from, the second step is to choose who you want to send it to. 

Send to All Eligible Participants

This is the most simple approach and has the highest reach. Sending an invitation to all within your organization will allow you to get the most mentees & mentors possible. It also accounts for the drop off you may see during registration if participants or busy or not interested.

Send to a Select Group of Participants

This is the most targeted approach, but tends to have a much lower reach. This is best when there are specific requirements or eligibility restrictions for who can participate in the mentoring program. 

Sharing Registration

Go to Registration Setup > Launch Registration > Share Registration




Send email invitations

This section is to prompt you to send email invitations to all eligible users who have not registered yet.

  • Clicking Review & Send will send to anyone on your User Table who has not registered yet. (Note: if they have already registered for this program, they will not receive an email)
  • Clicking Select Users will allow you to manually select the Users you want to invite and send a registration email to. 




Share a registration link

This unique registration link can be copied for you to announce your program using alternative methods besides registering from the emails sent out via the platform. You can announce your program on your company chat, link it on your intranet, or add it to your program landing page. It allows for more flexibility in providing access to our platform. 



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