Mentees: How do I get paired?

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As a mentee, there are two ways you can be paired: (1) Mentee Led or (2) Admin Led. Your organization and program administrator will let you know which program type you are part of. 

Mentee led:

1. View Mentor Directory

Once you have completed your questionnaire, you will be brought directly to the mentor directory. This is a list of mentors that has been curated for you based on your skills, goals, tenure and preferences you submitted in your questionnaire. If you need to get to the mentor directory, you can click View Mentors on the home page.


2. (Mentees) Review Mentor Profiles

The Mentorship Program will provide you with 3 mentors to choose from. Click View Profile to review the mentor’s profile. The primary goal is to find a mentor that can best support you and help you achieve your goals. Please spend time reviewing all the profiles. Once you have reviewed all profiles, you can add the mentors you’d be interested in to your list by clicking on Add to List.



Pro Tip: View the Complementary Areas! These are areas which you share with your mentor, or which your mentor can help you with. The more you match with, the better the fit!


Can’t Find Anyone? In some cases, a mentee cannot find a mentor from the list that they believe can support them with their goals. Remember, this list was created based on the goals, skills and preferences you submitted and we are matching you based on this information. Be open to the mentors who can best help you! Nonetheless, if you still feel this is not the right list for you, you can adjust your profile to get different matches. Go to Profile (top left) > Program > Edit and adjust your answers. 


3. (Mentee) Rank & Submit your Mentor Preferences

Now is time to rank your mentors in order of preference. This will be the order we reach out to your mentors based on their availability. If you do not get your first choice, it is due to availability of your mentor. After you rearrange your mentors, click Submit.


4. (Mentees) Be patient. 

Congrats! You have successfully submitted your mentor preferences for the Mentorship Program. Please be patient as we reach out to mentors on your behalf to pair you.



If your organization chose to do Admin-Led, you will receive an email from letting you know who your mentor is. In order to be paired, you must be registered for the mentorship program. 


What a more in-depth tutorial? Check out the Video Playlist from Together. 

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