When Scheduling a Session, it is important to add a Video Conferencing link to your invite if you're not meeting in person. This makes it easier for you to join your meetings directly from your session invite.

Add a Link in Together

Clicking on Add Conference and choosing from the drop-down will send a conference link within the calendar invite to your mentor or mentee.


Add a Link outside of Together

If you do not see your preferred video link in the drop-down, this means you will need to send your video conferencing link outside the tool. There are two ways to do this:

  • Shadow Invite: Send a "shadow invite" to your mentee or mentor with your personal video conferencing link. This is a calendar invite at the exact same time as your current invite but has your video conference link attached. It will be immediately clear to your partner to use this for the session. By doing this, it will populate an event in each of your calendars but include your desired video conference link.
  • Send an Email: You can also send an email to your mentee or mentor with the video conferencing link in the email. 

We know this may cause an inconvenience, but hope you leverage the tool to book your sessions. It will ensure that you get the agendas, tools and resources meant for you as part of the mentorship program. It also allows your admin to keep track & continue to improve your mentorship program.


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