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It may feel like there is lots to do, but we promise there is not too much! Below is a checklist of all the items you should "check off your list" before launching your program. Work with your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you are stuck or need guidance!




Kickoff & Training

Owner: Together Software

  1. (Meeting) Intros & Goals Meeting
    • Introduction of Customer Success Manager
    • Discuss Goals, Key Dates, Milestones, and other technical requirements to kick off the program
  2. (Meeting) Admin Training of Together Software
    • Together's CSM will walk through a 60-minute online training session to train admins to use the tool. At the end of this session, admins will have access to their paid Together account and be equipped with tools and resources to begin building the mentorship program


Owner: Your IT team + our IT Team

Building Your Program

Owner: You (Program Admin) 

Congrats! You now have the tools to begin building your first mentorship program on Together. The platform is self-serve and user-friendly. Follow the Launch Wizard by completing each task and pressing NEXT at the bottom right corner. 

  • Create Program
    • Program Name
    • Program Description
    • Program Banner
  • Questionnaire, Algorithm, Permissions, Emails
    • Review Algorithm
    • Review Permissions
    • Review Questionnaire Template
    • Add Additional Questions
    • Customize Questionnaire with organization-specific answers
    • Customize Emails
    • Add Additional Algorithm Rules
    • Turn on Registration
  • Finalize Program Settings
    • Confirm Pairing Process
    • Choose Program Ending
    • Adjust Frequency
  • Customize Emails, Sessions & Resources
    • Review All Emails; make any changes
    • Review Resources; add & make any changes
    • Review Session Agendas add & make any changes
  • Time to Meet
    • If you are reading this, you've completed Together onboarding and have built out your first program. Reach out to your Together Customer Success Manager to review your program and move into Pilot Phase.

Begin User Testing

Owner: Both (You + Together)

  1. Small test group of 5-10 to register & leverage SSO
  2. Small test group of 5-10 to pair
  3. Small test group to test Calendar & Video integration

Launch Your Mentorship Program 

Owner: Both (You + Together)

If you've gotten this far, there is not much left to do but click send on that email! We would love to be there for your first launch, so reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you'd like some support. 

Share with your Network

Owner: You

Don’t forget to celebrate a bit! Lots of our customers post on Linkedin & share with their networks the great work they are doing with mentorship. It shows that you, and your organization, are leaders in the mentorship space & are supporting your employees. I’ve attached a little social post example if you want (+ it would help us at Together as well!) We've seen this come from personal accounts or corporate accounts. Make sure to tag @TogetherSoftware :) 


Resources & Marketing Materials

If you are still having issues, reach out to and we can help guide you.

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