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Log in to the platform and select the Create Program button. If this is not prompted to you, click on Programs > Create New Program.



Once you click Create Program, you will be prompted to Choose a template. Pick the template that is right for your program & organization. If you are unsure, choose General Template




Step 1: Add your General Information

Once you've chosen a template, follow the Launch Wizard. After each step, press Next at the bottom right-hand side. You can always come back to each step even if you are not complete. 




Enter a Program Name, Program Description, and change the Program Banner to an image that reflects your program. 


Tip: Create a program name that is more specific to your company to help personalize the mentoring experience.


Step 2: Plan Registration



You will create your profile questionnaire, set up the pairing algorithm, set program access, and have the opportunity to review email invites. 


Create Your Questionnaire

There are 14 standard questions created in advance for your use. You can click on the question to edit and make setting changes as you wish. You can also delete the question by clicking on the trash can Screen_Shot_2021-06-11_at_9.39.15_PM.pngicon at the top right of the question window. 


To add new questions, you have the option to Browse Question Pool, Create Custom Question, or Import From Existing Program.




You can click on Preview Questionnaire at the top right at any time to see how the questionnaire currently looks from a user's view.



Screen_Shot_2021-06-11_at_9.40.24_PM.png A mentee/mentor icon shows which users are asked the question.

Screen_Shot_2021-06-11_at_9.35.18_PM.pngA lock icon means the question is mandatory for program participation and cannot be deleted.

Screen_Shot_2021-06-11_at_9.35.35_PM.pngA link icon means the question and responses are linked to one or more programs.


Add Filter Titles

During the pairing process when a mentee chooses their top 3 mentors, these filters allow the mentee to search for a more specific mentor based on the mentor's answers to certain questions. The action to take in this step is to add a filter title that accurately tells the mentee what they would be filtering for.


For example, if you click on "What is your current role?" You can add a title such as "Role" so that mentees will know that they are filtering for the mentor's role to narrow down their decision. 






Set Up Pairing Algorithm

Pairing Requirement Lines

Pairing Requirement Rules are mandatory for a mentee and mentor to be paired together. Click + Add Rule to create a new restriction to the pairing algorithm so that the mentee's response has a relationship with the mentor's response. This relationship can be that the answers Match, or Does not match


For example: Mentee's Response To What is your current role? Matches Mentor's Response To What is your current role?


This means that if the mentee and mentor's answer to "What is your current role?" is the same answer, the algorithm will pair the users together, based on this rule alone. 


Reporting Lines

Checkmark the box to enable a restriction if you do not want direct reports paired with their manager, manager's manager, or anyone who reports to the same manager.




Pairing Recommendation Rules

Recommendation rules are used to increase the match strength between the users. These rules are created the same way as a Pairing Requirement Rule, but with an opportunity to add a Weighting Score. Be sure to prioritize what is most important for your program, as this will be the basis of how we present top pairing recommendations.



The greater the weight, the higher the chance of the rule to affect the match of users. These numbers assist with tipping the scale so that there are fewer chances of a tie where 2 or more mentors share the same match percentage for a mentee. You may also create a custom weight if needed. 


Program Access

Registration can be private or public.

Private - Only people from the Users table can sign up.

Public - Anyone with the registration link can create an account and participate.

You may also set rules for mentors and mentees to limit who has access to the program.


Review Email Invites

You are recommended to preview and edit the emails that will be sent during registration. Click the email you would like to make any changes. You may also click on Send Test Email to see how it would look on the receiving end of the email.






Step 3: Launch Registration

Launch Registration is the step in the program set up wizard that allows you to open your program for people to sign up. 




A Registration Launch Checklist is available for you to mark off crucial steps that need to be taken prior to launching. When you are ready, click Turn on Registration.


If you need to make changes before going live, now is the time to make those changes. You can click Turn Off Registration at any time to halt additional participants from registering for the program.


Click Continue to Sharing when you are ready to announce that registration is live for participants. The setup wizard will take you to the next step. Clicking this button will not send out any emails. 






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