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Once you have completed building your mentorship program, you will want to turn Registration On. This will allow your program to be visible to all eligible participants and will allow participants to register.

You can confirm Registration is On with the status in the top right corner of your Admin View.


Turn On

Click on Registration Setup > Launch Registration 

To turn Registration On, you will be required to finalize the Registration Checklist. Take your time to review each step and ensure you have complete. Click on each box once complete.


Once all boxes have been checked, click Turn Registration On.

Note: Turning Registration on DOES NOT send any emails. It simply allows participants to view and register for your program. 



Turn Off

Click on Registration Setup > Launch Registration 

To turn Registration OFF, go back to Launch Registration and click Turn Registration Off. This will now hide your program and not allow any participants to sign up to this specific program. 


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