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You can find your organization's user table on the admin panel, by clicking "Users" in navigation. 

Bulk Upload via CSV

Click Upload Users. This is typically used to create a larger number of participant accounts in one go. 




You can upload any .csv, .tsv, .txt file with any set of columns as long as it has 1 record per row. The next step will allow you to match your spreadsheet columns to the right data points. You'll be able to clean up or remove any corrupted data before finalizing your report.


Click Upload data from file to locate the file for upload. 


...or just manually enter your data here:


You can copy & paste your data into the spreadsheet presented by the platform.


Individual Upload

Click Add User+ to create a new user account. This is typically used for creating single accounts, or if you want to provide administrator/personal assistant permissions for someone specific during the creation of the account.  




All fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory for account creation. Complete the necessary fields and click Save.




The user(s) will be added to the User Table. 

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