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What is the Mentorship Agreement?

The mentorship agreement is a guide for mentees to decide what they want to achieve during the program period. The onus is on the mentee to fill out the agreement, and the mentor to review & sign off. The agreement includes sections on skills and goals, development planning, and scheduling.

The Mentorship Agreement is completely optional. However, our research has found that those mentees & mentors who complete the Mentorship Agreement tend to score higher on their pairing and have a more effective mentorship relationship.

Where do I find the Mentorship Agreement?

To find it, select the program you are in and click on your mentee/mentor's name. Scroll down and click Mentorship Agreement.




How do I complete the Mentorship Agreement?

Step 1: Choose & Assess your Skills and Goals 


Step 2: Fill out your Development Plan + Scheduling & Timing


Step 3: Sign Off






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