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What are Handbooks?

Mentorship has been around for a long time, and it's proven to be one of the best ways to achieve personal and professional growth whether you're a mentor or mentee. We designed Mentee and Menotr Handbooks to break down the different areas of your role as a mentee or mentor and the best practices that will help you drive a successful mentoring relationship. It's designed to be easy to skim but also provide depth if you want to learn more about a particular area. In addition, at the end of each section, we've provided a further reading list for you to explore if you want to go even further in your learning. By using these mentorship Handbooks you'll be well prepared to build a successful mentoring relationship.

Where to find Handbooks?

On the platform, mentee and mentor handbooks can be found in Programs > (select your program) > Content > Resources.  

Or, click here to read and download the Mentee and Mentor Handbook. 

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