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If you already had your mentorship session outside the platform, that's okay! You can always go back to your Session in Together and Mark it as Done. Doing this will let our system know that you have finished your session and know you're ready to move on to the next. We ask that if you book your session outside of Together, that you sign in to mark these sessions as done so that the system and your program admins can keep up with how the program is progressing. 

1-on-1 Programs:

On your home page under Your Mentorship, click on the > arrow of the mentee/mentor that you would like to mark as done.


Under Sessions, find the Session you have already completed. Click Mark as Done.


Group Programs:

When in a group program, click on your group from your home page under Your Mentorship:


Similar to 1-on-1 programs, find the Session you have already completed and click Mark as Done:



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